LETTER: Town Forum has difficult task ahead

I read the letter from James Le Sage with interest.

The Town Forum has a difficult task ahead.

Sadly so may shops have closed and even more will soon be gone.

Spalding doesn’t have a ‘shopping centre’ any more.

Springfields looks to be extending soon and although it is a pleasant place to shop, there are so many ‘reject’ goods and not many of superior quality.

We are all aware that online shopping seems to be the thing these days but that means we can no longer examine the things we buy until they are delivered to our door.

Maybe our planners should be considering leaving our excellent farmland to the farmers to grow our food and convert the empty shops and buildings in town into dwellings.

There would be much work for the building trade and other skills, particularly if redundant buildings like the old Johnson Hospital and the crumbling, ugly old Sorting Office could be compulsory purchased and put into use.

The use of the town centre could be transformed, no longer a dead, lifeless place but full of community spirit.

Maybe suggestions from the people of Spalding would throw up some ideas for the Forum to work on.

Eileen Cole
Capella Close

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