LETTER: Cyclists should know better

Is anyone aware that the police have had instructions to leave cyclists alone as they do nothing wrong.

Really? I watched a video with a police officer saying many cyclists also drive cars – is that so?

Then why are they such idiots when they get on a bike? They should know better.

I figure the ones who cycle badly then are the same ones who drive badly when they get behind the wheel, so nick them – why wait until they get in their car and are more of a danger to the public? They clearly understand the traffic laws as they have had to pass a driving test.

Here are just a few of the antics they get up to when they get on their bike – they regularly jump traffic lights, cycle down one way streets the wrong way, cycle on paths built for pedestrians, cycle without lights especially on unlit streets, undertake drivers and call it filtering, cut drivers up, cycle head-on into traffic, barge through zebra crossings scattering pedestrians when the pedestrians have the right of way, do not cycle to the conditions, cycling too fast in built up areas, hit cars’ wing mirrors, preach the traffic laws to drivers yet do not heed them themselves, cycle while on their phone or texting, cycle no handed, not hand signalling when turning, pulling wheelies on busy streets, cycle three abreast holding up traffic, cycle in pedestrianised areas, cycle up the inside of traffic with only a couple of inches to spare yet get angry when a driver passes them within a couple of feet, complain about drivers tailgating them yet here they are just a couple of inches away from your bumper when following you.

They should and do know better and it works both ways – if they were more considerate, drivers would be too – it’s not a one-way street for cyclists. I have to stop, I could write a book on the laws cyclists break day in, day out, yet they are the ones always crying about others treating them badly.

Mr N Bingham

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