LETTER: Could pool become a charity?

Further to moans about the swimming pool, may I put my thoughts regarding the matter.

As a swimmer of all local pools and beyond, I find Spalding pool clean and good – if you can get a swim.

Yes, our pool and gym are past their sell by date and we should have a new centre asap.

The trouble being Spalding has grown and our leisure facilities haven’t. No school has its own pool, which should be included when planning new schools.

Swimmers have to come last as schools take up a lot of the timetable unless you are able to swim at unsocial hours.

Having family in the Surrey area, they are proud of their new leisure centre and rightly so as it didn’t cost their council a penny – why can’t we do the same?

The leisure centre is called Egham Orbit. It’s a charity and they lease the land from the council.

Why are we, or someone, not able to do this for Spalding?

Coun Gary Taylor please note.

Name and address supplied

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