Mark Popple

Labour candidate inspired but disappointed

Labour candidate Mark Popple said he’s been inspired by campaigning for the South Holland and the Deepings seat.

At just 25-years-old, he’s one of Labour’s youngest candidates in the country.

He said: “If the Exit Polls are as projected, it’s extremely disappointing, but there’s still a lot of votes to be counted.

“On the national situation, it’s been a little bit difficult. I’ve tried to focus on local issues which a lot of people have been engaged with.

“I don’t feel Brexit came up that much. Saying ‘Get Brexit done’ is very simple but it’s also one that seems to have been successful.

“I am quite relaxed about all this actually.

“It’s absolutely made me want to do it again.

“We’ve had a really good campaign and it’s been great engaging with local people.

“It’ been good fun and on the campaign we’ve had a positive reaction right through the campaign.

“I’d definitely do it again. I’m a local man and see the issues affecting this area every day.”

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