The Spalding COVID Kindness Team committee.

Kindness Team to ‘wind down’

A group set up to help others in Spalding is to start winding down some services as it says its need is decreasing thanks to the availability of the other services.

Spalding COVID Kindness Team will continue with its food bank and care packages for the vulnerable and provide a wellbeing service.

But it says it’s going to stop delivering bulk fruits.

It was started up by Keira Williamson shortly after the lockdown was announced and has grown to oversee around 160 volunteers and a committee of 11.

A spokesman for the group said: “As the weeks have gone on, more organisations have come to assist and the need for our services is decreasing as the weeks go by.

“This is testament to you going and helping your neighbours, sharing information, corporations rising to the challenge and local businesses adapting their day to day processes to still remain safe and open to serve you.

“We set out to bridge the gap and we have gone above and beyond that.
“It’s crazy to think this team started with 11 strangers on a committee and grew into what it has with 160 dedicated and wonderful volunteers.

“You are all incredible and we are so lucky to have you in this community.

“To all local businesses and individuals who have donated produce or funding, thank you.

“Your kindness has gone such a long way and this wouldn’t have been possible without you

Volunteer Rob Gibson added: “Hopefully we made a bit of a difference and made a few people smile.”

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