TO CLOSE TO CALL: From left – Karen Gillett, Nicky Elphick, Ann Davis (Lady President) and Chris Burrell.

Joint winners of Sutton Bridge Golf Club’s Lady President’s Day competition

Sutton Bridge Golf Club’s Lady Presidents’ Day competition had joint winners this year.

After a brilliant battle, first place was shared between Nicky Elphick and Karen Gillett, who couldn’t be separated during their respective rounds.

With the top two sharing the title, Chris Burrell completed the podium in third place.

  • Sutton Bridge duo Tony Fox and Mike Bell have reached the second round of the National Seniors Pairs competition.

They won 6&5 against a pair from Cambridge Meridian Golf Club to reach the next stage.

Other results: Ladies invite OB’s – 1st Karen Gillett & Barry Irwin 39pts; 2nd Brenda & Mike Bell 36pts; 3rd: Nicky Elphick & Sid Warner 35pts.

Par 3 competition: Overall winner – Claire Smith 53pts; Junior winner – Sam Russell 47pts; Ladies’ winner – Jane Woolard 44pts. Men’s winner – Adam Oakes 47pts.

Ladies’ May Medal: 1st Karen Gillett; 2nd Chris Burrell; 3rd Diane Wareham.

Tydd St Giles Golf Club

Andy Betts topped the leaderboard at Tydd St Giles Golf Club’s May Stableford competition.

His score of 37 points was enough to be top dog in Division One, with Shane Sleath (42 pts) and Bradley Power (45pts) the other divisional winners.

Results: Men’s May Stableford competition: Division One – 1st Andy Betts 37pts; 2nd Wayne Alder 36pts; 3rd Paul Chaplain-Barton 35pts.

Division Two – 1st Shane Sleath 42pts; 2nd Malcolm Pack 38pts (ocb); 3rd Stephen Horton 38pts.

Division Three – 1st Bradley Power 45pts; 2nd David Leedle 35pts (ocb); 3rd Terence Bate 35pts.

  • Seniors’ May Medal competition: Division One – 1st Noel Bratt, 84-12=72; 2nd Derek Hodgson 87-14=73 (ocb); 3rd Michael Flint 86-13=73.

Division Two – 1st Lee Smith 87-15=72; 2nd Tom Ainsley 90-17=73 (ocb); 3rd Gerry Sherriff 88-15=73.

Division Three – 1st Trevor Sewell 91-23=68; 2nd Derek Martin 95-24=71; 3rd Bob Mann 98-23=75 (ocb).

Division Four – 1st Malcolm Miller 100-25=75; 2nd Phil Whitehead 105-28=77; 3rd Tony Petch 105-27=78.

Gedney Hill Golf Club

Eddie Grange claimed the May Medal prize at Gedney Hill Golf Club last week.

His score of 66 (nett) was enough to edge out men’s section team-mates Rob Newns and Mick Page, who both carded rounds of 67.

Results: Men’s section: May Medal – 1st Eddie Grange 66 nett; 2nd Rob Newns 67 (ocb); 3rd Mick Page 67.

Seniors’ section: May Medal: Category One – 1st David Lord 66 nett; 2nd Rob Newns 68; 3rd Eric Cowles 74.

Category Two – 1st Keith Lawrence 69 nett; 2nd Greg Walsh 71; 3rd Mo Parling 72 (ocb).

Category Three – 1st Noel Delaney 71 nett; 2nd Richard Senior 75; 3rd Paul Wood 77.

Ladies’ section: May Medal – 1st Ann Chick 79 nett; 2nd Chris Bennett 81; 3rd Maggie Bingham 85.

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