The former Paul Taylor DJC Ltd shop in Winsover Road, Spalding.

International supermarket and off-licence plan for Spalding ex-electrical store

A former electrical store in Spalding is poised to become an international supermarket.

Soran Kareem wants to turn the shabby-looking Paul Taylor DJC Ltd shop in Winsover Road into a butchery, bakery and off-licence.
The move would create eight jobs.

Mr Kareem, an Iraqi Kurd who lives in Spalding, has applied to South Holland District Council for a premises licence to sell alcohol from 6am to midnight seven days a week.
He currently works for a friend in Baltic, a supermarket opposite his intended venture. And, if the new shop goes ahead, he is vowing to take his responsibilities as a shopkeeper seriously and improve the surrounding area.

He said: “There has been people drinking around the back of the shop. I will put CCTV in so I will be helping the police and helping Spalding.
“I’ve been living here for 15 years and it really aggravates me when I see the place dirty.
“I think it’s part of staying here that you take responsibility.”

Mr Kareem (36) accepts that there are several similar shops in Spalding, but says it is up to the council to decide if and when to stop issuing premises licences. He said market forces would decide if all continue to trade.

“The more shops and more businesses there are, the better for the council [in business rates],” he said. “I think this kind of area needs this sort of shop and I’m hoping people give me ideas about it.”

Mr Kareem has a couple of names for the shop in mind to reflect its wide appeal.

The Paul Taylor business closed in May 2013. The premises has planning permission for 27 residential units and has been on the market with Longstaff. Mr Kareem has agreed a rental.

Closing date for representations to the council about the premises licence application is May 25.

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