‘I’ll still just be Gary’, says new Lord Porter

The new Lord Porter of Spalding says his being made a life peer will be a positive thing for South Holland.

Leader of South Holland District Council Gary Porter will sit in the House of Lords after being made a peer in the dissolution peerages list following the last general election.

He has been honoured for his work with the district council and also nationally with the Local Government Association.

Coun Porter is a long-serving councillor on the district council, and has been leader since 2003.

He said: “It was a shock when I was initially asked if I’d like to be made a peer but I’ve got a bit more used to the idea now.

“It’s not only an honour for me, but for the rest of the people on the council, both past and present.

“At the moment I have no idea how much time I’ll be spending in the House of Lords – there are lots of things that still need to be sorted out.

“However I’m certain that this will have a positive effect on South Holland.”

Coun Porter reiterated that the honour is a testament to the hard work of his colleagues at South Holland District Council, the LGA and those across local government who dedicate their working lives to making communities better places to live.

He added: “From protecting vulnerable children and adults, to keeping our bins emptied and streets clean, local government has a lot to be proud of.

“I will strive to be a strong voice and keen advocate for local government in the House of Lords.

“And those who know me and think this may change me, can rest assured that I’ll still be just Gary.”

It has not yet been decided what his full title will be.

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