South Holland District Council offices.

Hundreds of warnings given out for litter

A total of 885 letters have been sent out to South Holland residents in the past 12 months for putting their rubbish out too early, it’s been revealed.

Emily Holmes, South Holland District Council’s communities manager, told a meeting of the Spalding Town Forum last week that prosecution action had been started against one individual identified as a repeat offender following one such letter being sent out.

A council spokesman said that related to a community protection warning.

“This resulted in the issue being dealt with at the location so no further action was required,” the spokesman said.

The total includes five fixed penalty notices issued for failing to clear litter.

Ms Holmes said of the 885 correspondences: “That will be directly to households we’ve identified are putting their rubbish out on the wrong day or it might be a letter dropped in a particular street if we’ve not been able to identify where the rubbish has come from.

“Our message to residents is report it to us. If we know it’s a repeat issue we can investigate and look to take further enforcement action.”

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