Hopping mad after rabbit found during litter pick

A live pet rabbit and bottles of ‘human waste’ were among the items a Girl Guides-led clean up of town grot sports found in South Holland.

It’s led to calls for more bins in the area.

Megan Rangeley took on the task of cleaning up areas of Spalding arranging several litter picks in the area including The Crescent car park and South Drove Bank from April to July as part of her Queen’s Guiding Award.

She presented her findings to a recent meeting of the Spalding Town Forum.

The rabbit was among the items found at South Drove and Megan said it was now “healthy and living a wonderful life.”

“There’s no houses down there on the gravel side, the bunny was definitely not wild, and so it seems someone drove down there and was just a case of ‘off you go’.

“The lorry drivers don’t take their rubbish home and there’s no bins down there.

“We found human waste just thrown out the window.

“Why is that needed? It’s laziness.”

Megan was particularly disappointed with the state of The Crescent car park.

“The amount of beer cans we picked up was incredible and cigarette ends as well as broken glass,” she said. “There were no bins there either so that’s somewhere else we can look at for bins.

“Someone who lived in the flats nearby thanked us for doing it and said they can’t believe how much litter gets thrown down.

“The mess was unbelievable.

“Can we work together to create more litter picks?

“Maybe there’s a way we can get Spalding cleaned up and looking nice on a regular basis.

“I’d like more signage to be put up as well, making it more obvious where they are.”

South Holland District councillor Angela Newton told the meeting she and other councillors would look to use their budgets to fund more bins.

She continued though: “It was said at one time we couldn’t have any more litter bins because they hadn’t got the capacity to empty them.

“If we can overcome that I’m sure myself we can fund a bin.”

Coun Elizabeth Sneath said: “I think there’s the potential to move some bins to where we need them most.

“As time’s gone by some bins aren’t being used as much.

“Lets put where they’re more needed.”

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