Holbeach United boss Hussey feels football season should be scrapped in wake of coronavirus pandemic

Holbeach United boss Danny Hussey reckons that he’s already overseen his last game as Holbeach United manager.

The Tigers chief, who announced his intention to resign at the end of the season ahead of Saturday’s 6-2 win over Lutterworth Town, doesn’t see any way that this footballing season can be salvaged at any level.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing football at all levels to be suspended, Hussey believes that sport should take a back seat while the world tackles the problems caused by the virus.

In his opinion, even the Premier League should be declared void with no champions, relegations or promotions – and that’s coming from a manager with a KitmanUK League Cup final still to look forward to if this season continues.

“Suspending all football was the right decision,” said the respected boss. “Even at UCL level where we don’t get a huge amount of fans, it was the only decision.

“But at this level a lot of the unsung heroes who do work behind the scenes are elderly people, as are a large percentage of non-league fans.

“Lives aren’t worth risking for the sake of football matches. Football should be the secondary concern now.

“Personally, I don’t think we should be in a big rush to get football restarted at any level.

“From the Premier League down, I’d just void the season and re-start a new campaign again when the situation has calmed down.

“We haven’t seen the peak of the virus yet in this country and it’d be callous to start things again too soon.

“From my point of view, we have a chance of winning the league and are in a cup final, so Holbeach don’t gain anything from my comments.

“But it’s the only fair and safe way to do things. If you take the Premier League as an example, Man City have won the League Cup and that should stay. But the Premier Division hasn’t been mathematically decided at either end.

“So, you wipe everything and start again. Liverpool wouldn’t like that, but I feel that it’s the only option.

“Everyone will have a different opinion on this, but at UCL level extending the season into the summer just wouldn’t work.

“The players all have jobs and you don’t know how their situation will be there and also some have summer holidays booked.

“There’s no way we’ll all be ready to start again in a few weeks. After that, things will have been suspended too long for restarting again to be fair on anyone.

“To be honest, I do feel like I’ve managed my last game as Holbeach United manager.

“If that’s the case, I’m pleased that I went out on a massive high with a 6-2 win. It’s not ideal for us, but this is unprecedented.”

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