Kalamazoo Dance Band’s coming to Holbeach.

Holbeach to host VE Day celebration party

The 75th anniversary of VE Day will be celebrated in style in Holbeach thanks to a party organised by a district councillor.

Coun Tracey Carter has booked one of Britain’s best big bands to make the 1940s-themed event suitably swing.

Kalamazoo Dance Band will play the event and the party will take place at the town’s WI Hall on Friday, May 8.

Entry to the event is free and it runs from 11.30am to 3.30pm.

Refreshments will be available and at 3pm everyone will take part in the national toast to the heroes of the Second World War and a raffle will be held with proceeds going toward Harold Payne’s proposed new war memorial.

Linden Secker will be attending the event with a fabulous range of pictures and information relating to both WWI and WWII and in particular with local information relating to some of our local heroes.

Coun Carter said: “I look forward to welcoming the local community to make the most of the celebrations.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to have the Kalamazoo dance band coming to the area- they are a 1940s swing band and so incredibly appropriate for the day.

“I decided to put the event together as VE day is such an important day for our country, and even more momentous being the 75th anniversary.

“I felt as a community we should come together, celebrate it, exchange stories and also importantly toast the heroes of WWII at 3pm.

“It would be wonderful to see all the town get involved, by decorating their shop windows etc, especially as VE Day 75th anniversary is the theme for holbeach in bloom this year too. 

“As a whole community we can truly show our respect by all coming together and celebrating the occasion, while remembering those who sadly died fighting for our country.”

Coun Carter, Coun Nick Worth and Coun Francis Biggadyke are also planning the annual volunteer buffet held in the town for residents, this year taking place on July 12.

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