Campaigners at the former crossing, photographed in 2016 before the road was adjusted.

Holbeach road crossing is ‘more dangerous than ever’

A Holbeach campaigner has said recent adjustments have made crossing the A17 more dangerous than ever.

In 2016, a petition organised by Paula Hayes raised more than 800 signatures and was presented to Lincolnshire County Council.

The petition, which had the backing of John Hayes MP, called for better crossing provisions on the A17 but changes made during the recent Peppermint Junction works have made the crossing more perilous than ever, Paula said.

“Because there is now a filter lane at the roundabout, we’re crossing four lanes of traffic,” Paula said of the crossing which now includes an island with no barriers.

“The dangers put forward before are still there but they weren’t as bad as things are now,” Paula added.

Paula has taken up the cause again after reading a report of a South Holland District Council Planning Committee meeting in which permission was refused for a housing development, with the dangerous crossing conditions of the A17 influencing a reason for refusal.

“This highlights the council care about people who aren’t living in Holbeach yet but don’t care about those who live here now and have done for years,” Paula said.

“If this is a known problem, crossing the A17, and accepted, then surely it is the council’s responsibility to do something, make a proper crossing on the A17,” Paula added.

A new path was provided during the works last year but Paula said the new one is unlit so can’t be used at night and adds ten minutes to the walk into town. As such, the old path, now removed, is still used by residents and as become a mud trail.

Plans for the Peppermint Junction works also detail the erection of road signs that warn drivers of pedestrians crossing, but these haven’t been put up despite the works being listed as completed by the council.

At the time of press, Lincolnshire County Council was not available for comment but is preparing a statement for next week’s paper.

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