Sugar beet spills over the newly provided controversial crossing on the A17. Picture by Paula Hayes.

Holbeach crossing concern as another lorry loses its load

A campaign to make crossing the A17 at Holbeach safer has reignited after a second lorry overturned and shed its load on the new path provided by the county council.

Holbeach resident Paula Hayes has been campaigning for a safer crossing for more than four years but has had little luck, with the county council insisting the new path is the best route to town.

Mrs Hayes said the recent incident with the lorry on the roundabout just after the busy school run shows how dangerous it is.

“The lorry had spilled a full load of sugar beet which had not only caused an issue to road users but had also completely covered the pedestrian access across the A17,” she said.

“This is the second incident here, where a lorry has overturned at this point spewing its load out onto the pedestrian crossing point.

“The first overturned lorry was full of bricks. It is pure luck that no pedestrians have been injured as a result of these incidents.”

A second lane has been added to each carriageway on the roundabout, something Mrs Hayes said was making the journey more treacherous.

“The danger has been increased by Lincolnshire County Council adding a second lane for overtaking vehicles from the roundabout; vehicles which are often at high speed due to being cut-up at the Peppermint Junction,” she added.

“Due to the signage on the roundabout itself and a tree, pedestrians cannot see the oncoming, overtaking vehicles until they have already committed to crossing the road.”

The crossing signs were not put up until Paula raised the issue with the council.

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