Here’s why you should book your holiday early

We all know that booking your holiday early means you have the chance to get better deals and wider choices.

As travel consultants, we have seen a large price increase in popular destinations like Spain and the Greek islands, especially the closer it is to the departure date. Therefore, we’re here to tell you why you should book your holiday early.

You get the first pick: Wherever you choose to travel, you will find so much choice and plenty of availability with booking early. This way, you’re more likely to find your perfect holiday, tailored to your every need.

Less stress: You will find that with booking early, you will be much more prepared, instead of having the last-minute worry. You won’t have the stress of paying your holiday upfront, and with deposits starting at £60 per person, you have up to 14 weeks before you depart to pay this.

As there will be more options on the market, you’ll be in complete control of your booking.

You will be able to make your holiday exactly how you want it and have more control over the budget. You’ll also have time to buy your holiday essentials throughout the year, and have longer to catch the best currency rates.

More offers: If you’re planning to book your holiday at short notice, you will find that prices go up by at least 25 per cent and the offers that were there, have expired. When holidays are first released, you will find many more discounted or free child prices, room upgrades costing as little as £8 per person and offers on upgrading luggage and transfers. Additionally, if you’re planning on going further afield, it is best to book as soon as the prices come out as they are more affordable.

What else? You have longer to look forward to your holiday! You have plenty of time to research your destination, find out what bars and restaurants are in the area or what excursions you can take. January is our busiest time of the year due to the exclusive offers and fantastic prices on all holidays. We deal with plenty of behind the scenes tour operators whose deals aren’t open to the public, so try us for your next holiday and book early. We wouldn’t want you missing out.

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