Coun Bob Creese, Coun Malcolm Chandler, Rob Frost (chairman of Holbeach St Johns Village Hall committee) and committee members Barry Joyce, Joan Joyce, Karen Frost, Pat Burgess and Len Burgess. Photo supplied.

Heart scare led to defibrillator being installed at village hall

A heart attack scare started the ball rolling for a defibrillator being installed at Holbeach St Johns Village Hall.

Joan Joyce was so frightened at witnessing the episode during a parish church lunch in January that she set about gathering information.
The device was paid for out of the designated member budgets of district councillor Malcolm Chandler and Bob Creese, who is no longer on the council.

Joan said: “I am so grateful to Malcolm Chandler for all the help and advice he gave us and to Bob Creese for his added support, as are all the residents of Holbeach St Johns.”

Coun Chandler said: “Village halls are the ideal places to install the defibrillation units where they are accessible to anyone. Just one life saved will make it worthwhile.”

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