Group behind illegal camp move from playing field to village green

A travelling community who left an illegal camp on a village playing field this morning have began another camp just yards away.

The group set up camp on Sutton St James’s Fred Hoyles Playing Field on Friday, villagers said.

Lincolnshire Police this week told The Voice that the village’s parish council had begun legal proceedings to move the group on.

They did move off the playing field today (Wednesday) but instead set up camp on a piece of land in front of Sutton St James village hall.

It’s understood the land is owned by the Sutton St James United Charities.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Most of the village has had enough now.

“I know of people in the village who are not leaving their homes because of the group.

“Those in the group might be perfectly nice, and a few people have said they have been. Others though have said they haven’t been nice.”

Sutton St James Parish Council declined to comment.

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