Group aims to improve town

A new group set up to improve Spalding town centre is set to have its first meeting this week.

The Spalding Town Centre Steering Group has been set up by South Holland District Council to oversee the £500,000 it’s pledged to improve both Spalding and Holbeach town centres.

In Spalding the town’s steering group will be led by Coun Gary Taylor (pictured).

Coun Taylor said the stakeholders involved include transport, disability groups, town traders and representatives of the night time economy.

“It’s still in the very early stages and we’re in the process of recruiting a Project Officer that will oversee both the Spalding and Holbeach steering groups.

“We’ve a stakeholders meeting this week for those interested in the future of Spalding.

“We’ve had replies coming in from those that want to be involved by working in partnership.

“It’s about what I, the council and local residents want to see in our town centre.

“I’m very, very much looking forward to the role.

“It’s been needed for some time.

“We’ll be working on a few things, especially the mobility and access to the town centre from the likes of the train station.

“We’ll also be looking at ways of improving what’s avilable in the town centre, be it public art or possibly increasing opening hours.”

He said of the loss of Beales and Marks and Spencer (see page three): “We’ll be working with the council’s economic development manager about the gaps to be left by Beales and Marks and Spencer.

“They’re big blows, but Spalding still has an awful lot to offer.

“I was in town at midday on Saturday and it was very busy.

“There are very few empty premises in the town centre.

“We could probably do some work to get more variety of businesses to give customers a better choice.

“But there’s already a good variety and it’s great to see a new shop opening in The Crescent.”

The Holbeach Town Steering Group is to be chaired by Coun Nick Worth.

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