Martin Blake at the election count.

Green Party candidate: Environment ‘not forefront concern’ for voters

South Holland and the Deepings Green Party candidate Martin Blake has said he’s not surprised by tonight’s forecast Conservative win and says he thinks the government won’t tackle key green issues.

“I don’t think there was ever any doubt it was going to remain Conservative,” Mr Blake said ahead of the result announcement.

“If the Exit Polls are correct then it’s clearly not what we wanted as it suggests that crucial issues like climate change and environmental emergencies aren’t at the forefront of voter concerns.

“We have done our best to put these issues at the front of our campaign and they have had a lot of media coverage,” he added.

He feels these issues will now be sidelined. “I fear that dealing with these issues will be far down the list for a Boris Johnson government,” he said.

“From our point of view we want to improve on our showing in previous elections,” Mr Blake added.

“We’ve tried to put our message across as effectively as we can,” he said, summing up his campaign.

“It’s been evident there are lots of people who are prepared to vote Green who wouldn’t vote for either of the opposition parties.”

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