HELPING HAND: Spalding RFC's Stephen Saunders (left) receives a cheque of £250 from Peter Jullien.

Golf round-up: Spalding’s seniors’ section hand over cheque to Spalding RFC

Spalding Golf Club have chipped in to help a fellow South Holland team purchase some much-needed first aid equipment.

Last Thursday, Spalding seniors’ outgoing captain Peter Jullien presented a cheque for £250 to Stephen Saunders, who is a junior coach at Spalding RFC.

Town have a regular golf day at the Surfleet course and this donation further cements the two clubs’ strong relationship.

Tydd St Giles Golf Club

Lee Smith secured a narrow victory in Division One of Tydd St Giles Golf Club’s Stableford Vouchers competition.

His score of 42 points was enough to clinch top spot in the seniors’ section event, with Mick Vassall just one point back in second.

The other divisional winners at Tydd were Ian Millett (Division Two), Kevin Merrison (Division Three) and Barry Hill (Division Four).

Results: Seniors’ section: Stableford Vouchers competition: Division One – 1st Lee Smith 42pts; 2nd Mick Vassall 41pts; 3rd ocb Derek Hodgson 34pts.

Division Two – 1st Ian Millett 39pts; 2nd Gerry Sherriff 36pts (ocb); 3rd Russell Doy 36pts.

Division Three – 1st Kevin Merrison 36pts; 2nd David Leedle 35pts; 3rd Bob Mann 33pts.

Division Four – 1st Barry Hill 38pts; 2nd Ron Clines 36pts; 3rd Paul Kingswood 33pts (ocb).

Seniors’ October Medal: Division One – 1st Chris Moore 81-12=69; 2nd Paul Chaplain-Barton 77-6=71; 3rd Michael Flint 86-14=72.

Division Two – 1st Ken Doughty 86-18=68; 2nd Tom Jolly 90-19=71 (ocb); 3rd Derrick Marsh 87-16=71.

Division Three – 1st Trevor Sewell 95-23=72 (ocb); 2nd Steve Wing 93-21=72; 3rd Kevin Merrison 95-22=73.

Division Four – 1st David Worrall 100-27=73; 2nd Tony Petch 103-28=75; 3rd Peter Sleight 103-26=77.

Seniors’ November Medal: Division One – 1st Mick Vassall 75-8=67; 2nd Peter Wheeler 78-10=68 (ocb); 3rd Chris Moore 80-12=68.

Division Two – 1st Ian Millett 87-19=68; 2nd Derrick Marsh 86-16=70; 3rd David Pluck 95-19=76.

Division Three – 1st Kevin Merrison 97-22=75; 2nd Steve Wing 98-21=77; 3rd Trevor Sewell 102-23=79.

Division Four – 1st Ken Sherry 101-28=73, 2nd Geoff Chappell 102-28=74, 3rd Tony Petch 103-28=75.

Ladies’ section: October Stableford – 1st Maria Taylor-Vassall 29pts; 2nd Petra Meir 25pts (ocb); 3rd Maie Osbourn 25pts; 4th Liz Miller 23pts.

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