Golf round-up: End of an era as Andrew retires from Sutton Bridge Golf Club

The end of 2021 saw long-serving Sutton Bridge Golf Club greenkeeper Andrew Norton retire after an amazing 58 years in the role.

The Norton family came to the club in 1952, when Andrew was just 18 months old – and he began his work in 1965, eventually graduating to head greenkeeper in 1985.

A presentation on behalf of all at Sutton Bridge was made to him by the club President Norman Davis, while Lady President Brenda Bell presented Norton with a gift of his ‘favourite tipple’ from past and present ladies’ section members.

Only a few members were present on the day as Norton, in his words, did not want a “fuss”.

The presentation was followed by a meal with all of the existing Sutton Bridge greens staff.

CHECKING OUT: Andrew Norton receives a retirement gift from Lady President Brenda Bell.

Tydd St Giles Golf Club

Simon Smith (round of 63)roared to glory in Division One of Tydd St Giles Golf Club’s December Medal event with a four-shot win.

Results: Men’s section: December Medal: Division One – 1st Simon Smith 75-12=63; 2nd Jonathan Tyler 73-6=67 (ocb); 3rd Mark Cooper 79-12=67. Division Two – 1st James Neve 83-16=67; 2nd Neil John 84-16=68 (ocb); 3rd Nathan Welsby 86-18=68. Division Three – 1st David Woodcock 92-26=66; 2nd Keith Crowson 96-28=68; 3rd Tim Murphy 88-19=69 (ocb).

Seniors’ section: Stableford competition (Dec 21): Division One – 1st Tim Martin 41pts; 2nd Peter Purcell 40pts; 3rd Ken Doughty 39pts (ocb). Division Two – 1st Derrick Marsh 43pts; 2nd Paul Rushbrook 41pts; 3rd Toby North 39pts. Division Three – 1st Trevor Sewell 34pts; 2nd David Leedle 31pts; 3rd Kevin Merrison 27pts. Division Four – 1st Barry Smith 39pts; 2nd Paul Kingswood 38pts (ocb); 3rd Richard Martin 38pts.

Individual Stableford (January 4): Division One – 1st Mick Vassall 42pts; 2nd Ken Doughty 39pts; 3rd Chris Moore 38pts. Division Two – 1st Andy Turner 42pts; 2nd Mark Amor 40pts; 3rd Derek Hodgson 38pts (ocb). Division Three – 1st Barry Jones 44pts; 2nd Ian Millett 43pts; 3rd John Roberts 42pts. Division Four – 1st Lee Newman 40pts; 2nd Alec Harding 39pts; 3rd Dave Mirow 39pts.

Ladies’ section: 10th Anniversary Trophy – 1st Liz Miller 15pts (ocb); 2nd Penny Wicks 15pts; 3rd Linda Walker 14pts (ocb); 4th Christine Burton 14 pts.

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