A dog being microchipped.

Get your dog microchipped for free in series of sessions throughout South Holland

Dog owners are being urged to take advantage of forthcoming free microchipping events.

From April 6 next year all dogs in England will be legally required to be microchipped and have their details registered to a database.
Anyone selling or otherwise passing a dog on is required to register the new keeper. The database should also be informed when a dog dies.

Puppies must be chipped at their second set of vaccinations – or around the time they are weaned at 8+ weeks.

South Holland District Council dog warden Rachel Thompson said: “Microchipping is something that should be done as soon as possible with dogs.
“It can help reunite lost dogs with their owners as well as prove ownership if they are stolen.”

The district council – in conjunction with The Dogs Trust – is holding a series of free microchipping events (see below).

Sutterton Vets is also microchipping dogs in conjunction with The Dogs Trust for free up to the end of March. You do not have to be a customer of the vets, just call them on 0845 548 4478 for more information.

Rooke’s Pet Store, Spalding:
Sunday, April 26 (10am-3pm)

Curlew Centre, Sutton Bridge:
Sunday, May 24

Donington Park:
Sunday, June 7

Carter’s Park, Holbeach:
Tuesday, July 7


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