LAY-OFF: George Zuerner faces eight weeks on the sidelines. Photo by JAKE WHITELEY

George at David’s Beck and call

A former Tulip came face-to-face with David Beckham last week.

George Zuerner and his nine-year-old son Freddie received a FaceTime from the former England, Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan star as part of the One World Together collaborations last week.

Midfielder Zuerner left Spalding United for Skegness just before the season prematurely closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic after 18 months with the club.

It followed a previous spell with the club a few years ago and a period at Holbeach United under then manager Seb Hayes.

One day Freddie could follow him into the game after deciding to spend his lockdown improving the number of keepie-uppies he can do.

George put the video of his son practising his kick ups on Instagram, something David Beckham’s people saw.

They then asked George if Freddie would like a video call from the superstar who now runs Inter Miami in America.

The pair, who are both Manchester United fans, spent nearly 20 minutes chatting with their idol.

“I did think it was a wind up for a start,” George said. “But then I looked into the contract and it was so detailed I began to realise it was legitimate.

“I thought Freddie was great.

“He thought he was video-calling his grandma and instead David Beckham pops up on the phone.

“He was very nervous at first, as was I knowing the call was coming, and it took him a few minutes to take it in, but he was able to ask questions and hold a conversation really well.

“I didn’t think that he’d be on the phone call that long, but it was just a great thing.”

Practice on the keepie uppies is continuing but with added Beckham advice.

“Freddie had set himself a target of keeping the ball up 25 times but it didn’t take long for him to manage that,” George said. “Now he’s trying to get to 50, though Beckham told him on the call that when he was trying to do the same he always did one on the left and one on the right, so he’s trying to do that now too.”

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