Chris Lewis-Jones

Free art boxes to be given out as part of project

South Holland artists of any age and ability are being invited to get involved with an art project next week and upload their work to an online gallery.

Professional artist Chris Lewis-Jones has teamed up with local group Transported Art and will be touring South Lincolnshire next week to deliver and hand out free packs of art equipment for people to ‘frottage’.

Frottage is making a design by placing a paper above a service and rubbing something such as a crayon or pencil over it, akin to brass rubbing.

Chris’s packs have special paper designed for frottaging with as well as materials with which you can create your creations.

The boxes will be able to be collected from a stall in Spalding market on Tuesday (June 23), will be in Boston on Wednesday and Chris is also looking to leave kits on the doorsteps of homes to those that request them in South Lincolnshire next Thursday.

Artists will be encouraged to take a picture and upload their creations to the FenFott Facebook group to create an online gallery of work

“I’m very much looking forward to doing this,” says the usually Nottingham based artist. “This is such a simple process that anybody can do it and get involved in.

“It’s really just rubbing on to services, but without trying to sound too grandiose, it’s an extensional experience.

“You get a specific sense of your location. You can use the same method to frottage in every room of your house and you’ll get a different outcome due to the different textures in each location.”

While you can use any materials, the pizza box shaped sets Chris will be handing out have in them nine sheets of frottage paper, a stick of graphite, a list of instructions and a stamped/addressed envelope.

Chris has already had a few entrants for his online Facebook gallery which also has a few more tips on the process.

“Every day we’ve had people asking to join,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing all the creations and particularly just speaking to people.”

If you’d like to have a Frottage box delivered on Thursday, June 25, you can contact Chris on 07877 989 213.

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