Fly tippers targeted in new joint Lincolnshire councils effort

Three district councils are joining forces for a new campaign to fight fly-tipping.

South Holland District Council is working with Boston and East Lindsey councils with the “Most People” campaign.

Launching on Monday, the crackdown aims to raise awareness about the duty of care people have when getting rid of unwanted items.

“Fly tipping blights the area for everyone making the place unsightly, potentially hazardous and often attracting more such dumping,” said Coun Roger Gambba-Jones.

“When there is clear evidence of this illegal activity on public land, we will look to take action and trace where the waste originally came from.” he added.

South Holland dealt with 906 cases of fly tipping last year while both Boston and East Lindsey had more than 1,000 each.

According to the campaign group Keep Britain Tidy, 47 per cent of people don’t know that legally they are responsible if a third party fly tips their waste.

If residents use someone other than the local council to get rid of unwanted items, they should ask to see their Waste Carriers Licence.

If they don’t have one and are not registered then they could be a rogue trader.

The permits are issued by the Environment Agency and can be checked directly on 03708 506506.

“If you intend to use anyone other than the council to dispose of bulky waste, such as furniture and white goods, or even normal black bag waste, you must make sure they have a licence or you could be hit hard in the pocket,” said Coun Gambba-Jones, portfolio holder for waste services at South Holland.

All the councils involved in the campaign will also be increasing surveillance in areas where fly tipping takes place.

Councils are responsible for removing fly tipping on relevant land. The Environment Agency has to be involved for large deposits or those deemed hazardous.

The three districts work under the umbrella of the East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership which also includes the police, fire and rescue service, health and probation.

Householders are also being urged to ask for a receipt or transfer notice before waste is removed.

If fly tipping is witnessed, report it to South Holland Council.


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