Fitness instructor Mel Roberts, of Mel’s Fit and Active.

Fitness DVD to help Parkinson’s group

A group supporting people with Parkinson’s Disease is offering a specially created fitness DVD to help during the pandemic.

Usually the Spalding and District branch of Parkinson’s UK meet with those with the condition and their carers on the third Thursday of every month at Pinchbeck Village Hall. But they’ve not been able to do that since March.
Instead, it’s a case of ringing patients, though group members are concerned over the lack of new referrals and fear some who may have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s do not know about the group and they are urging them to get in touch.
Jane Coxon is chair of the Spalding branch having got involved with it when her husband Roy was diagnosed with the condition in 2016. He died last year aged 75.
“We need people to know we’re out there for them,” she said.
“You can feel lost and concerned when you first get diagnosed with Parkinson’s and many won’t have anybody to talk to about it.
“We know you get some advice, but it can be a bit sketchy in places and we, as a group, feel we can help.
“What we’re trying to do until we can meet again is ring round our members to make sure they’re okay.”
Another way of supporting the group is a fitness DVD created with those who have Parkinson’s in mind.
Fitness instructor Mel Roberts, of Mel’s Fit and Active, first did activity sessions on behalf of the group ten years ago and she’s continued on since then.
The DVD she’s produced with provides activities designed specifically for those with Parkinson’s.
“Exercise has been shown to help those with the condition,” she said.
“It’s very rewarding and over time you can see it having an effect.
“The Spalding branch of Parkinson’s UK are just fantastic. They’re really inspirational people providing a wonderful service.”
Anyone who wants more information about the support group can contact Jane on 01406 540487.
The local Parkinson’s Nurse can be contacted on 01775 653220 and the national Parkinsons helpline is on 0808 8000303.

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