GiftsOnline4U staff at their 2019 Christmas party.

Firm’s gift to water charity

An online West Pinchbeck based company has raised funds for a clean water charity.

Family run GiftsOnline4U has raised £1,500 through donations made with every purchase, enough to buy approximately three rainwater harvesting systems.

The firm is dedicated to raising more money for WaterHarvest in the future, with a goal of £3,000 by the end of the year, which would provide six rainwater harvesting systems for communities.

GiftsOnline4U’s Asgar Dungarwalla said: “WaterHarvest is a charity that is particularly close to our hearts for many reasons.

“We are a family of Indian heritage, and as WaterHarvest is based in India, we feel it is something that hits closer to home.

“Also, not only does their mission statement reflect our team’s ethos, it is also imperative that we look out for those who are less fortunate during these difficult times.

“The pandemic has had a huge impact on billions of people across the world, but we need to make sure we’re lending a helping hand to those who don’t even have the basic necessities for survival.

“We hope to see plenty of funds being donated to WaterHarvest throughout the rest of the year.”

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