South Holland District Council offices.

Empty homes figures clarified by council

South Holland District Council has far less empty homes than it stated in a recent report, according to a spokesman.

Last week’s Spalding Voice contained the article: ‘Rise in number of empty council houses’.

Details came from a report to the council’s Policy Development Panel which met on Tuesday, February 20.

The report states: “As at January 31, 2018; SHDC has 356 properties empty. 264 properties have been empty for between six month and two years and 92 properties have been empty for over two years.”

Since the publication of that article the district council has clarified its interpretation.

A spokesman said the quote related to the number of empty properties in the area of South Holland, but not owned by the council.

He said the council actually owns 29 properties that are currently empty.

“The homes discussed throughout the PDP report are empty private homes, which we, as an authority, are working hard to get back into occupancy. Unfortunately, the article wrongly identified the 356 properties as council- owned, which is not the case.

“SHDC has in fact, 29 empty council properties it owns; 23 of these have got tenants in them, but are getting repaired. The remaining six, with no tenants, comprise of three bedsits; two bungalows; and one is a flat.

“Our housing team will continue to do everything possible to find suitable and appropriate tenants for those six vacant properties.”

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