Former Pinchbeck player/boss Ian Dunn. Photo by JAKE WHITELEY

Dunn: Unfair to enforce relegation and promotion if football season isn’t finished

Ian Dunn doesn’t see a happy ending to the coronavirus crisis for football teams across the pyramid.

The Pinchbeck United player/boss, whose side sit in the sole UCL Premier Division relegation place, says it’d be unfair to crown champions or enforce promotions and relegations if the season doesn’t continue but isn’t declared void.

But he also feels that a transfer window would need to be created if non-league returns after the current deadline.

Dunn said: “I don’t know what I think, really. It depends if it’s actually viable to finish the season.

“It’s going to have to be left to the FA to decide. Would we feel aggrieved if the current table is declared the final one? Absolutely.

“There are still a lot of games to be played and we had two or three players lined up to sign.

“If we return, will we be allowed to sign anyone? They’d need to create a transfer window to create the time we’ve lost to get players in.

“To relegate or promote anyone would be unfair on all – and you can’t crown champions either.

“You could void it, but that won’t go down well with the teams at the top – look at Liverpool in the Premier League.

“In truth, football is at the bottom of everyone’s priorities. We’ll all be more concerned about family and our livelihoods.

“Players at non-league level won’t be able to cram games in, they’ll need to get back to day jobs.”

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