Lord's Drain Pumping Station.

Drainage cost to South Holland tax payers reaches £2.4m

The cost of keeping South Holland flood free has increased by two per cent to over £2.4 million, 18 per cent of South Holland District Council’s budget.

That’s how much the authority estimates it will pay the drainage boards using its share of the council tax money in the next financial year.

During last week’s cabinet meeting of the authority, Coun Roger Gambba-Jones urged that the figure be given more publicity.

“I’m surprised by how coy we are about what goes to drainage boards,” he told the meeting.

“The public is completely unaware of how much of the money we collect has to be passed over to drainage boards, not withstanding how important and essential they are.

“I’m not begrudging it but wouldn’t it be nice to give that figure.

“Drainage boards are essential to South Holland and how much of the money has to be moved across in that direction.

“It’s not an insignificant amount of money but they (the drainage boards) are vital to the way this district survives

“It’s important to raise that amount so the public are aware of the cost to protect us.”

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