From Crowland to Causeway Bay: Tim Pritchard proudly holds his copy of South Holland film Dishonoured in the action movie genre heartland of Hong Kong.

Dishonoured in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong man who visited South Holland last month has taken a copy of home-grown action movie Dishonoured back to Asia with him as a memento.

The film, written by and starring Holbeach Film Company’s Stephan Genovese, was influenced by 80s and 90s action cinema, a genre that was forged in Hong Kong by directors such as John Woo influencing Hollywood’s output for those decades – and now South Holland’s.

Tim Pritchard (31) said of the film shot in Spalding, Crowland and Holbeach: “I really enjoyed watching it, especially as I’d spent some time around town and recognised places that I’d been to – like Polka Polish cafe in Holbeach [at the former String of Horses, a filming location].

“I wanted a memento of that, and so jumped at the chance to own a copy and show friends back home in Asia”

The film is available at select stores across South Holland and can also be ordered online at

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