The site after the trees were cut down.

Disappointment over tree felling

There’s been disappointment at the felling of a number of trees in Holbeach, though the company developing the land says more will be planted.

Ashwood Homes was granted permission to build 188 homes on the land off Damgate Road in May 2017.

The permission included the felling of the trees with the plans for the site also containing replanted and retrained trees and maintaining the pond on the site.

Preparation work on the development started last week with the removal of the trees.

One member of the public who wished to remain anonymous, said:

“Everybody in the town is disappointed with losing the trees.

“We counted more than 100 tree stumps now.

“People go on about saving trees and we’re cutting them down like this.”

The application passed in 2017 following a consultation included a survey of all the trees on site with planning officers ruling the impact on the site wouldn’t see “any significant or demonstrable adverse impacts that would warrant refusal.”

An Ashwood spokesman said: “All of the works form part of the planning permission for 188 homes off Damgate and are complying with the approved tree protection plan.

“We are carrying out tree works before the bird nesting season starts in to enable us to commence construction early next year.

“During the construction of the development Ashwood Homes will be planting additional trees.

“Whilst any tree loss is regrettable the development is an opportunity to plant further trees of a more appropriate species with a net gain of trees once the site is complete.”

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