The new purple sacks.

Date set for new recycling trial

A new recycling trial of collecting paper and card separately in parts of South Holland will begin on Monday, September 23.

Homes in Pinchbeck, Surfleet and northern Spalding will from that date collect paper and card in a new purple sack to be collected every other week alternating with the current recycling collections.

The around 2,600 affected properties are this week recieving written notification of the trial along with a leaflet of what can and cannot go into the purple sacks which are due to be delivered to homes next week.

The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, of which South Holland District Council is part of, is trialling three different methods of paper and card recycling with other different trials also set to take place in North Kesteven and Boston in the next year.

A letter to householders from Coun Roger Gambba-Jones, South Holland District Council’s portfolio holder for place, says: “We want to make this as easy for you as possible and you will soon have new purple sacks delivered to your normal sack collection point.

“Please put all of your paper and card into the purple sacks and put it out for collection in line with the calendar enclosed with this letter, or check”

He says: “We know that you take great time, care and effort to recycle correctly, however with the current collections the card and paper can be contaminated with food waste left in tins or broken glass, meaning the paper and card gets wet or damp.

“This makes it really hard to recycle efficiently. That’s why we will now be collecting your paper and card in a separate sack from the rest of your recycling. The clean, dry paper and card can then be sent directly to a specialist processor and then made into paper based products.”

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