The destroyed bollard at the junction between the A16 and Spalding Common.

Crash at Spalding Common junction campaign spot

Two cars have been involved in a collision at a Spalding Common spot that is the subject of a recently reignited safety campaign.

The cars collided on Saturday evening at the junction which Lincolnshire County Council previously said had “no history of accidents being caused by low levels of light”.

Last week, Spalding man Rodney Sadd re-launched his campaign to install lights on the junction of the A16 and Spalding Common.

The junction is currently unlit since a bollard was destroyed by a vehicle in December and underground electrical work is needed to replace it.

Mr Sadd, who first campaigned in 1997, said he wrote to South Holland and the Deepings MP Sir John Hayes MP over the weekend.

“I’ve sent him a photo and explained how I feel and asked him to support me.”

Mr Sadd continued: “This latest incident shows lights are essential. I can’t believe the highways manager refused to see the bollards being knocked down as an incident, and now something mush worse has happened.

“I’m sorry there has been an incident and I hope everybody is OK, but it backs-up my argument; I won’t leave it.”

There is a remaining light at the central reservation but Mr Sadd said this was totally inadequate: “It’s a bulb on a stick.”

A police spokesman said: “At 6.25pm on February 2 we received a report of a two vehicle road traffic collision on the Common in Spalding. This was at the junction of the A16. The collision involved a blue Kia Picanto and a Vauxhall Corsa.

“Both drivers were taken to Peterborough Hospital and treated for injuries not thought to be life changing or threatening.”

Mr Sadd said he has had a lot of support on his Facebook page from people who are keen to see the junction improved.

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