South Holland District Council offices.

Council looks at technology ideas

Litter bins that alert authorities when they’re nearly full are among technology measures being considered for introduction.

South Holland District Council is also looking at making it so you could ask your voice activated speakers at home as to what bin a specific piece of rubbish goes into, it’s been claimed.

The authority’s Environmental Services and Asset manager Charlotte Paine told a recent meeting of its Performance Monitoring Panel that these were among the issues the council was looking at to ensure its environmental services were working more efficiently.

She said rather than have to regularly inspect the bins, the team would only need to attend when the bins needed to be emptied.

“We are looking in to smart litter bin sensors so it can sense when a bin is full, or half full and tell us when we need to go out,” she said. “It’s about being smart and adaptable about when we go to these things making sure we’re more efficient.”

On information being available on voice activated speakers, she continued:
“One of the things we’re looking at is making our services more available to people that do have Alexa or Siri devices and they may not be sure where to put their rubbish.

“Through those devices you could ask ‘South Holland where I put my Weetabix box?’ and it will say you should put it in your green bag or your purple bag if you’re in a paper and card trial area.

“It’s about addressing some of the issues we’ve got about contamination and utilising technology for those that have it.

“There will still be other information options available for those who do not have those devices such as using the website, leaflets, etc.”

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