South Holland Centre.

Council defends cinema ticket price rise

The South Holland Centre ‘will still be one of the cheapest places to see
films’ despite an around eight per cent increase in tickets, the council said.

Charges for the Market Place venue are to be increased, mostly at a 2.9 per cent Retail Price Index (RPI) figure set in June last year.

But the cost for cinema tickets will rise by between 7.56 and 9.17 per cent.

At last week’s meeting of South Holland District Council’s Cabinet, Coun Tracey Carter: “I can’t say I’m entirely in favour of the increases.”

Coun Peter Coupland, the authority’s portfolio holder for finance, told the meeting that he believed the cost from the supplier was increasing.

“We want to keep up with the cost of the services we provide”, he said.
Samantha Knowles, the district council’s strategic finance and compliance manager, added: “We’ve looked at the cinemas in our region, Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.

“From the research that’s been done we’d still be one of the cheapest in our area.”

Tickets for regular evening screenings at the South Holland Centre currently cost £6.50 and films are show weeks or months after release.

Evening shows at The Luxe cinema is Wisbech cost £5 while evening shows at The Majestic cinema in King’s Lynn cost £4.50, both of which show films the week of release.

On the pricier side, an evening ticket for The Showcase in Peterborough costs £11.50 and The Light in Wisbech costs £8.50 for a standed evening showing.

Boston Savoy tickets cost £7.60.

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