SECOND IS BEST: Tom Bell was the overall winner.

Consistent Tom takes the Tulip title at Welland Yacht Club

Consistency was key for Tom Bell as he took overall victory at Welland Yacht Club’s Tulip Regatta on Sunday – despite not winning a race on the day.

Bell bagged three second places to secure the title, with the individual race wins coming from Geri van Haren, Clive Herd and Alan Cox.

Ten boats took to the start line for race one on a cloudy day that offered little wind for the competitors.

All got away without any issues with Brian Cobb taking the early lead from Ros Nickols, Clive Herd, Tom Bell, Samuel Willerton, Alan Cox, Freya Willerton, Paul Burton, Geri van Haren and Gail and Katie Follington.

As they made their way up to the first mark Bell managed to lead around the mark, closely followed by Van Haren then Cox.

Soon, van Haren would take the lead on the way back down the course and they started the second lap the Willerton’s would each elect to take a lap time.

The order remained the same throughout the final lap, as van Haren managed to retain the win once handicaps applied from Bell and Cox.

Race two saw Herd getting the better start from Cobb, Bell, Burton, Cox, Freya Willerton, van Haren and the Folligntons.

As the race progressed, van Haren soon made his way to lead around the top mark. But the wind dropped away and, despite leading for the entire race, van Haren could not pull out a big enough lead and fell right back to sixth under handicap.

The win went to Herd from Bell in second and Cox in third.

The final race of the day saw just five boats take to the start – and it was close between Bell, Cox and Herd with Bell just making it first around the top mark.

He opened up his lead on the way back towards the club house finish, by which time the wind had almost died completely.

Cox would take the win under handicap from Bell in second and Cobb in third.

Consistency paid off for Bell as his three second places would earn him overall victory from Cox and Herd.

  • Results from the previous week: Morning Points Series (round four) – 1st Alan Cox; 2nd Mark Holland; 3rd Alistair Mitchell.

Personal Handicap Pursuit Series (round one) – 1st Mark Holland; 2nd Alan Cox; 3rd Gail Follington.

Personal Handicap Pursuit Series (round two) – 1st Katie Follington; 2nd Alistair Mitchell; 3rd Mark Holland.

  • Anyone wanting to try sailing for themselves should come down to the club this Sunday (May 12), when they are holding their open day from noon-4pm.

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