Tense times during the 4.30am recount of the Pinchbeck and Surfleet Ward results.

Conservatives keep control but lose four seats in district council elections

It’s been a long night of ties and recounts, but at just before 5am, the final result was announced and the Conservatives have kept their majority in South Holland District Council but lost four seats, with Independent candidates making gains.

The Conservatives now have 24 seats, with 13 Independent candidates holding power.

To see how it played out and read interviews with the candidates, visit our live blog from the night.

Summing up, the leader of the Conservatives Lord Gary Porter told The Voice: “It’s been a good result on a difficult night.

“It’s a shame we’ve lost some really good candidates, particularly because we’ve built up the diversity of the group, but most of the losses are female candidates and bloody good ones which is a real shame.”

Full results can be found below.

The nine Green Party candidates hoping to win seats in the district council had their hopes dashed as they lost in all areas.

UKIP put two candidates forward and similarily, neither managed to win a seat.

Labour too put two candidates forward, both failing to gain a seat.

The Liberal Democrats put forward one candidate, who lost out to two Conservative candidates.

The results in full:

Donington, Quadring and Gosberton Ward

Henry Bingham (IND) 808
Trevor Hyde (CON) 507
Jane King (IND) 962
Ann Savage (CON) 486
Simon Walsh (IND) 735

Turnout 28.47%

Holbeach Town Ward

Francis Biggadike (CON) 890
Tracey Carter (CON) 890
Geoff Donley (CON) 491
Paul Foyster (IND) 593
Graham Rudkin (IND) 686

Turnout 26.06%

Fleet Ward

Peter Coupland (CON) 379
Edward Mcnally (UKIP) 215

Turnout 32.57%

Moulton, Weston and Cowbit Ward

Anthony Casson (CON) 1042
Richard Fairman (UKIP) 637
Rodney Grocock (CON) 709
Andrew Woolf (CON) 929

Turnout: 29.96%

Sutton Bridge

Sally Beal (CON) 176
Michael Booth (IND) 686
Christopher Brewis (IND) 686
Victoria Hills (280)

Turnout 30.1%

Spalding St John’s Ward

Morgan Crisp (GREEN) 143
Val Gemmell (IND) 295
Manzur Hasan (IND) 507
Jack Mclean (CON) 435
Jan Whitbourn (CON) 368
Rustana Zamara (GREEN) 94

Turnout 25.47%

Donington, Quadring and Gosberton Ward

Henry Bingham (IND) 808
Trevor Hyde (CON) 507
Jane King (IND) 962
Ann Savage (CON) 486
Simon Walsh (IND) 735

Turnout 28.47%

Spalding Monks House Ward

Janet Barnes (LAB) 68
Lee Crisp (GREEN) 56
Anthony Cronin (IND) 438
Helen Jenner (GREEN) 80
Zoe Lane (CON) 336
Angela Newton (IND) 889
Rodney Sadd (LAB) 116

Turnout – 28.55%

Spalding St Mary’s

Adam Baker (GREEN) 262
Harry Drury (CON) 427
Gary Porter (CON) 439
Jonans Sandijs (GREEN) 144
Robert West (IND) 266.

Turnout – 23.24%

Spalding St Pauls

David Ashby (CON) 312
Rob Gibson (IND) 398
Glynis Scalese (CON) 355

Turnout – 19.3%

Spalding Castle ward

Gary Taylor (CON) 289
Alistair Crisp (Green)
James Le Sage (IND) 97 

Turnout – 33%

Spalding Wygate Ward

Martin Blake (GREEN) 219
Sheila Bunce (IND) 343
Roger Gambba-Jones (CON) 469
Christine Lawton (CON) 483
Neil Oakman (LIB DEM) 163
Heather Violett (GREEN) 237

Turnout 23.94%

Pinchbeck and Surfleet Ward

James Avery (CON) 860
Terry Moore (IND) 823
Sally Slade (CON) 834
Elizabeth Sneath (CON) 980

Turnout: 28.94%






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