Company to create 400 jobs in Spalding

Around 400 jobs are being created in South Holland by a firm that sells recipe boxes.

Gousto, which has a ‘fulfilment centre’ on Marsh Road in Spalding, is expanding after receiving a £30million funding boost recently.

They’ve announced over 700 new jobs nationally, around 400 in Spalding with 300 more at its base in London.

A spokesman for the company, said: “The company’s rapidly growing technology team will be the major focus area for growth, with hundreds of roles created in data science, analytics, software engineering and user experience.

“This growth will position Gousto as one of Europe’s leading technology enabled companies.

“Other roles will include operations, marketing and product.”

Gousto first opened in 2012 with four people but now has over 500 employees.

The company says it delivers 2.5 million meals to UK homes a month.

Subscribers receive their box of food complete with recipes to follow.

The job’s boost is particularly welcome in South Holland after Addo Foods announced 400 jobs would be lost with the closure of its Spalding bakery in July.

Timo Boldt, CEO and Founder of Gousto, said: “We live in times of severe economic uncertainty and have seen a recent slowing in job creation.

“We are proud to be bucking this trend.

“The 700 jobs we will create over the next three years will enable us to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer behaviours. People, couples and families still want to cook quality meals and maintain a healthy, balanced diet, but the weekly pilgrimage to the supermarket no longer works amid busy lifestyles.

“Growing Gousto and fulfilling our ambition to become the UK’s best loved way to eat dinner, requires a specific focus on our technology team. It will not only contribute to the UK economy, but allow us to offer even more choice, inspiration and convenience to busy families.”

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