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COMMUNITY CHAMPIONS: Cook up a storm with us

Jess Hornby Jess Horn, Community development officer at South Holland District Council

Would you like to learn something new by improving your cooking skills or growing your own food?

If so, then you may be interested in programme run by The South Holland Community Development team called the Kitchen Garden Project.
We organise cooking classes and provide community growing spaces with support from experts to help you learn new skills and improve your confidence, health and wellbeing.

There are three different types of cooking classes and we can tailor them to suit you.

The open cooking classes are held in different locations across the district and anyone is welcome to come, it doesn’t matter if you are a master chef or just starting out, everyone can learn something new.

The second type of class is a closed cooking class and these are usually for a group of people for example a school or community group.

The third type is one-to-one classes for people who need extra support or may have difficultly attending one of the group courses.

The classes focus on healthy cooking and are run by friendly approachable chefs.
One of our participants said “the chef makes it fun and light hearted and there is a really nice atmosphere”.

There are also a number of community growing spaces around the district where people can get support from Master Gardeners to grow their own produce.
The Master Gardeners believe that anyone can grow their own food and are happy to offer helpful hints and advice.

This year we will also be running some free workshops called “A beginner’s guide to growing your own food” so watch this space for dates and times.

If you would like to know more please have a look at the website or call the community development team on 01775 761161 or email them at

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