Lincs Training dog expert Helen V (MBIPDT) with Harriet.

COLUMN: The loss of a much-loved pet

For most of us our pets are part of the family, giving us unconditional love, which happens every day without even thinking of it.

After a busy day we go home and we talk to them, stroke them, walk them and tell them our secrets. They need us as much as we need them, but their lives are not as long as ours and eventually the inevitable happens and they pass away, leaving us to move on with our lives. Each one of them is unique, having touched our hearts and enriched our lives making us better humans.

All our animals are here for a reason and the loss of them is very real, in time hopefully we will move on and a new little creature will again fill our heart with love and joy, but we will never forget the one we have lost. The grief we feel in their loss can be extreme and some people are unable to come to terms with it and may find it difficult and painful to talk to those around them about it. However, the Blue Cross has an excellent Pet Bereavement Support Service, who can be found on

I would also refer you to The Rainbow Bridge Poem, which can be found online at

We hope this may provide some solace in your difficult time.

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