Lincs Training dog expert Helen V (MBIPDT) with Harriet.

COLUMN: It’s not me – it’s my owner

Invariably most of us look at things from our own point of view and not that of the dogs.

Perhaps we ought to stand back and look at things from the dog’s perspective.

The recall – today my owner tried calling me back; he just used my name with no command. How was I to know what he wanted?

Conflicting messages – yesterday my owner fed me from the table. Today I got told off because I took the toast off the table. Why?

Protecting your dog and positioning – today my owner took me for a walk. I was on a long lead; I was concerned as I thought a dog was coming towards me so I started barking. Again I got told off – I don’t know why.

Leadership and guidance on lead and protecting your dog – today my owner and I were out on our walk when we met someone he knew but he had a dog that I did not know. My owner was more interested in talking to him. I felt uncomfortable; I tried to tell him that I was worried about the other dog but he did not listen.

I got bitten.

What can we learn from the above?

Firstly we should give clear and consistent commands to our dogs so that he knows what we want him to do.

Secondly, be consistent not only in food manners as our above example shows but throughout.

In the final two examples you must be aware of your dog’s safety, which is paramount, and be in control to protect it and
pre-empt any dangers.

Think dog!

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