COLUMN: Discussion this month on Spalding Christmas Market

by Darren Sutton
Chairman of Spalding Town Retailers’ Association

February was a strange month, especially the weather, with some of the country having snow and obviously Storm Doris causing damage across the country.

Hopefully now going into March we will see the nights start pulling out and some warmer weather leading into Easter in April.

February has generally been a quieter month for retailers, but now as we see the spring coming people will start re-decorating, wanting new clothes for holidays and, with generally people feeling better with the weather, hopefully footfall will increase in the town.

March will see the next Spalding Town Forum being held. Representatives from Spalding Town Retailers’ Association, Spalding market holders and other bodies will discuss the Christmas Market for this year, together with other issues.
We hope that all the different groups in Spalding can work together to reach the same aim which is to support each other and promote the town of Spalding.

As we have seen, the weather problems in Spain have been affecting the price and supply of lettuce. This also affects pricing for restaurants and other food outlets.

Costs this year will affect businesses from various areas, but also from the Brexit effect. Unfortunately some of this cost will have to be passed on to the consumer.
With the euro and dollar low this has an effect for businesses, so please support your local businesses whether this is retailers, suppliers or manufacturers.

If you wish to come to our next STRA meeting or join STRA our next meeting is in March, pop into Bookmark in The Crescent and ask for details.

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