Beagle lover Vikki Cherry with Alfie and Joey.

COLUMN: Before becoming a beagle owner

Before becoming a beagle owner, we researched the breed. Everything we read said that beagles are intelligent, noisy, stubborn dogs.

Alfie, now five, was a very independent and naughty puppy. No house is dog-proofed like ours but Alfie quickly learned how to open the back door and trained us to give him a treat before he came back in! He learned to escape through the baby gate, open the dishwasher and ‘clean’ the plates.

We decided that his naughtiness was a result of boredom and the way to solve the issue was to add a second beagle to the mix as beagles are pack animals.

They complement one another and Joey, now three, has thankfully calmed Alfie down.

Whilst Alfie loves the attention that humans and dogs give him, Joey hates it. He is extremely nervous and finds new surroundings and new people very daunting.

Lincs Training – Dog Training Made Easy have helped us manage Joey’s anxiety. We learned that training and obedience is more important than spoiling the dogs.

Alfie is much better behaved at home now, rarely stealing socks, and Joey has made lots of doggy friends which was never possible before we started training.

We now have two confident, happy dogs and have made new friends ourselves through the social side of the club.

I highly recommend Helen and her team. We have made so much progress this past year with the help and support from all at Lincs Training – Dog Training Made Easy.

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