Chernobyl children enjoy fun-packed day at Springfields

Children from Chernobyl enjoyed a gift-laden and fun-packed day out at Springfields Outlet Shopping in Spalding.


The youngsters received gifts and seeds from Springfields and various retailers around the centre.


They got new shoes and trainers from Clarks before having a fun-packed day in the gardens where they learned how to plant seeds, got their faces painted and had rides on the two trains before enjoying ice creams as they travelled by water taxi into Spalding town centre.


The visit was organised by the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children – Helpston Branch which is one of Springfields’ charities for the year.


A spokesman for the charity explained: “These innocent children are the victims of a nuclear catastrophe that has left a legacy of radioactive contamination that will last for decades to come.


“Of the radiation that was released by Chernobyl, more than 70 per cent fell onto the population of Belarus resulting in 800,000 children and 380,000 in the Ukraine being at a high risk of developing cancer or leukemia.


“It will be another 24,000 years before the land is safe and the children no longer suffer.


“We provide family placements for children and orphans from the Mogilev region for at least one month each year, which includes optical, dental and health checks as well as lots of tender loving care.


“New and quality used clothes are collected throughout the year to ensure that each child and their siblings have warm clothes to last the coming winter.


“Having arrived with nothing, the children return home with at least 22kgs of clothes, a year’s supply of vitamins, plus soap, toiletries, vegetable seeds and pre-packed food items.”


They will be in United Kingdom for a few more weeks and the charity has plenty planned for them over the coming days.

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