Members of Flinders Founders at one of their previous events – Nico Viner, Katie Garrard, Molly Hodgson, Joel Bates, Joe Gott and Elliott Moran.

Chance to check out Flinders’ work

There’s a chance to celebrate all the work that’s been done at Donington’s Teen Park over the past year on Wednesday.

Organised by Flinders Founders, the Teen Park Celebration Open Day runs from 11am to 3pm.

It’s a chance for members of the public to go along and see how hard the group has worked to improve the park over the last 12 months.

Attractions on the day include a barbecue, a sweet stall, two bouncy castles (one for young children and one for older kids), a raffle, refreshments and music all day.

There will also be BMX, skate and scooter competitions for all ages – so why not go along and show off your skills?

Secretary Margaret Wright said: “This is a chance for people to look around the Teen Park and see what’s on offer there.

“We had judges from East Midlands in Bloom come round recently and look at the park as part of the It’s Your Neighbourhood section of the competition – they seemed to be impressed, which is great.”

Recent work on the Teen Park has included improving the gardens and the environment.

There are new benches and measures have been put in place to encourage wildlife.

The BMX track has been refurbished and concrete seating with metal edges, making it suitable for grinding, has been added.

Margaret added: “We’ve also revamped the ditch garden and formed a new wildlife area.

“We have done a lot of work over the past year and we’re very proud of the park.

“Hopefully we’ll get plenty of visitors during the open day.”

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