Castle Sports Complex swimming pool in Pinchbeck Road, Spalding

Castle Sports Complex denies trouble for lifeguard who saved boy in difficulty

Spalding’s Castle Sports Complex has denied that a lifeguard landed himself in trouble by pulling  a boy out of the swimming pool.

It has been confirmed that a lad got into difficulty during an inflatables session at the pool on Friday (April 1) and was rescued by a fairly recently qualified male lifeguard.

After a short period of recovery, the boy went back in the water to continue with the session. The lifeguard remained on poolside in wet uniform.

However, a post on Facebook page Spotted: Spalding suggested that the lifeguard was then told off at poolside by a senior staff member. A later post suggested that he had been sacked over the incident.

A spokesman for 1Life, which runs the pool on behalf of South Holland District Council, dismissed both claims.

She said: “As far as we are concerned, we are very pleased that the lifeguard did the job he was supposed to do.

“Had he left poolside [in wet uniform], the session would have had to stop because there wouldn’t have been enough lifeguards.”

She said the duty manager would have been informed of the incident. Lifeguards are expected to bring a change of uniform to work to cover the eventuality that they need to enter the water in what they are wearing.

The spokesman suggested it was possible there had been a conversation about this aspect but there were “no strong words”.

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