One of Steven Granville's sunrise images taken over Spalding.

Capturing a Spalding sunrise

A Low Fulney man has taken on the challenge of photographing the sunrise every day for 30 days.

Steven Granville took on the feat to improve his photography skills.

The father-of-two has long photographed as a hobby and recently had a side job of providing stock images alongside his usual delivery driver work.

He’s also a licensed drone pilot and on Friday last week (February 19) took the spectacular image above.

Steven Granville

“About a month ago I decided that in order to improve my photography skills and self discipline, I’d shoot and post to Facebook at least one sunrise image for 30 days, and except for the dreary days, I succeeded in my quest.

“Mostly, these have been good, but the foreground was lacking (muddy fen fields mainly), so on Friday I braved the moderate winds and did something different.

“I got my drone in the air over the fields between Pinchbeck and Spalding to get the sun, Vernatt’s Drain and the Water Tower in the same frame and the rest was just luck!

“It’s difficult sometimes to get the right safe flying conditions at the same time as a good sunrise, but I think I nailed it. I’d love nothing more than to do photography full time, but have yet to build up the confidence to go professional… but who knows!”

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