Cannabis farm found in town

Police have uncovered a cannabis farm in the centre of Spalding but no arrests have been made.

Houses off Winsover Road were still being cleared on Tuesday, a week after police seized “a large quantity of items” on July 2, at a house where cannabis was being grown.

A van stuffed with sacks of insulation and related
items from properties on Short Street was being filled on Tuesday afternoon, with the smell of cannabis heavy in the air.

Industrial grow-pots and bamboo canes were stacked outside the properties.

A police car had been on watch down the street since the bust, a local business owner said.

It has been reported locally that a number of properties along the terrace were involved in the growing process, and sacks of drugs were taken away the day the police raided the property.

Inspector Gareth Boxall said of the raid: “On July 2, 2019, our officers entered and searched a property just off Winsover Road where we located cannabis being grown within a residential premises.

“We seized a large quantity of items and continue to investigate this.

“We have made no arrests up till now in connection with this crime.”

Inspector Boxall has used the incident to warn others that cannabis remains illegal.

He said: “I hope our robust response to this situation illustrates that we take the production of all drugs including cannabis seriously.

“The community should be under no illusions that cannabis use is illegal, continues to be illegal and we will continue to gather evidence against those who produce and supply it.”

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