Johnson Community Hospital.

Can you name temporary GP surgery?

A GP surgery that’s meant to be a temporary service is asking for people to come up with a name for it.

What’s currently known as the Johnson GP surgery was set up at the Johnson Hospital for the patients of Pennygate Health Centre which closed last September after being rated ‘inadequate’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Health officials say they’re still looking to create a new surgery in the west of Spalding, but they want a new name for the GP surgery so it’s not confused with the hospital that houses it.

And they want the public to come up with and decide on the name.

“In line with the feedback from the drop-in and consultation events we ran in 2018, our aspiration is for a practice to ultimately be based on the west side of Spalding, and the contract we have awarded LCHS to provide primary care/GP services has flexibility built in should a suitable site become available,” explains Rebecca Neno, Deputy Chief Nurse, South Lincolnshire CCG.

“Renaming the Johnson GP Centre would allow us to differentiate the practice from the hospital, which would be particularly helpful in the event that we are able to find a new site on the west of the town. The new APMS contract begins on October 1 and so this seemed like a good point to officially rename the Johnson GP Centre.”

Until August 1, people will be asked to submit their ideas for a new name for the practice via email to or by completing a simple form available from the Johnson GP Centre.

Shortly after August 1 the CCG will draw up a shortlist of the most popular names, which people will be able to vote for either via the CCG’s website or via a form available from the Johnson GP Centre.

“People will be able to vote for their favourite name from shortly after August 1 until August 31, and we will publicly announce the winning name in September.

“Anyone who originally suggested the winning name will be entered into a draw, with one person randomly picked and asked if they would like to participate in a photo opportunity/naming ceremony to take place at the practice on October 1.

“We were really pleased with the response to the events we ran last year and we hope that local people will get involved in this exciting opportunity to re-name the Johnson GP Centre now,” adds Rebecca.

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